An international training plan, which already top 15 Masterclasses since 2009, organized by 20|21, with several partnerships, for training our team, and for the participants who want to be at the forefront of the artworks conservation.

List of the Workshops and Conferences already organized:


April/2009, “Tear mending for canvas”, with Petra Demuth (Germany);

March/2010, “Plastics Degradation and Preservation”, with Thea van Oosten (Netherlands) and Anna Laganá (Italy);

July/2010, “Cleaning Paintings”, with Richard Wolbers (USA);

June/2011, “Materials, adhesives and coatings”, with Velson Horie (UK);

November/2011, “Loss compensation in paintings: filling and retouching”, with Laura Fuster-López (Spain);

February/2012, “Digital prints: identification and preservation”, Martin Jürgens (Netherlands);

May/2012, “Care and Conservation of Modern and Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture”, Derek Pullen and Lyndsey Morgan (UK);

October/2012, “Dry cleaning methods for unvarnished paintings”, with Maude Daudin-Schotte (France);

February/2014, “Varnishes for Paintings”, with René de la Rie (Netherlands), Jill Whitten and Robert Proctor (USA);

May/2014, “Asian Papers and its application in Paper Conservation”, with Minah Song (USA);

November/2015, “Modular Cleaning Program”, Chris Stavroudis (USA);

July/2016, re-edition of the “Loss Compensation in Paintings”, with Laura Fuster-Lopéz (Spain);

March/2017, “Retouching Modern and Contemporary Paintings”, with Rachel Barker (UK);

October/2017, “Retouching Colours”, with Roberto Bestetti (Italy);

June/2018, “Public Art and Street Art Conservation”, with Will Shank (USA) and Maria Chatzidakis (Greece).


October/2018, “Sports Heritage Collection – International Conference”.